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I recently sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to London on a 53’ catamaran. It took us 37 days, including a week in Bermuda and Horta. In London we had problems with 220 to 110 shore power conversion. (And with HMS Customs too)
Since I will be sailing to places with 220v power, what is the best way to solve the problem? Will a transformer be enough?
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Ahoy Milhan, I too had that 110v to 220v conversion problem, when I reached Oz then later in S’pore and Malaysia.

A rather heavy and small off the shelf transformer works for me, to run my 110v power tools and their battery chargers. I think it puts out about 10 amps.

My onboard 110v West Marine house battery charger requires 60 cycle where as most external power sources over here are only 50 cycle, so I don’t use that charger.
I did purchase a compact 220v car type battery charger, to keep the house batts up.

One problem that I run across is that some 220v applicenses have the US 110v plug on their cords, a bit confusing at times.

What has worked well is to purchase a 5 gang female plug strip, that each socket can accept multiple type plug configurations, cost about SD $ 21.00 .

So when berthed at a marina pontoon, I just use an extension (drop) cord for the 220v power.

T Y for the photos ,

Hi (Douglas?)
Thank you very much.
If you go to youtube here are short clips (HD) of the voyage. Tidal barriers on the Thames looked liked they were from different planet. HMS Customs who boarded the boat (Ultima Life) put chemical patches inside the cabins. After fifteen minutes they sent the patches to coast guard cutter to be analysed. They did this twice… One for drugs, one for explosives.’

mehmet (BCC CERYAN #53)

Tidal> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w48ZQ9daFZM&feature=plcp