#53 and "charter/crew"

Dear BCC associates,

After reading lots of great things about the BCC we are currently searching
for one (preferably factory finished). Apparently “Fox Fire” and “Banjo”
(advertised in the “For Sale” section of your website) are no longer in the
market. Can any of you please help me with the history (maintenance,
condition, mishaps. etc.) of “Tradition” (hull #53)? Are there any “good
buys” you know about?

Also, before purchasing, we would like to sail a BCC for 1-2 weeks. Would
any of you be interested in chartering your boat (either in April 13-22, or
for 2 weeks in the summer)? Alternatively, my wife and I would also be
happy crewing during those dates, if there is a chance.

Thank you very much for your help! Good sailing!