Additional sink and plumbing challenge

One of my winter projects is to plumb water and a sink in the forward cabin, to the port, where the cabinet/counter is. I can figure out how to create a T and run a supply hose from water tank forward to the manual Whale faucet/pump. I just need to figure out how to drain the grey water.

I acknowledge that I probably SHOULD drain the sink though its own through-hull, underneath the cabinet. I like simplicity though and want to avoid another hole in the hull and an associated seacock that might fail. Id there another way to drain grey water from the sink? One possible alternative seems to be to drain it to the shower sump. There is already a sump pump and outlet (above the water line) for that sump, in place. Any ideas how I get a hose from the port side cabinet down to the shower sump well?

Thanks for all responses and ideas.

Greg Phipps
BCC “My Way” #13
Chester, NS


Don’t know how your head is laid out…on my boat, the overboard is on the port side…might be possible to “T” into the overboard hose? (probably a good idea to put a valve in the sink drain hose to keep used cheeseburgers from showing up unexpectedly) I would think gray water in the shower sump would set you up for some odor problems…Tom

Thanks Tom, for the comment and advice. Head is forward, just aft of chain locker, (like factory), with counter to port. Head discharge hose curls to port (hugging the hull line) and is attached to thru-hull with 90 degree seacock. I considered the “T” or “Y” valve, but, given that the head discharge hose is parallel to hull, it seems like the grey water from the sink would sit there, until I then pumped the head. I agree that a check valve would be necessary to ensure that nasty stuff would come up the sink if the head was discharged.

As for the grey water in the sump approach, I was expecting that if I used the sink (brush teeth, wash hands), I would turn on the sump to eliminate the grey water right away.


One problem with that is that the shower sump pump never clears all
the water – there is a significant amount of drain-back from the
hose after the pump shuts off, plus an inch or so below the base of
the pump even if one has a totally efficient backcheck valve in the
discharge hose. We seldom if ever use the forward sink in Itchen. Some
BCC’s have installed a workbench in it’s place, something I would
probably do if we were voyaging instead of mostly doing coastal and
local cruising. Would be nice to have a work surface, vise and better
tool storage.

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 12:51 PM, BCC Forums wrote:

Of course those of us with the bench,vise, and tool storage dream of having a sink !
I once saw a picture of someone who had installed a sink in a pull-out draw under the bench.
I thought that was a great idea.

We, Anita Rock #4, have a port side tool bench forward and a pull out sink in a drawer. The head has been moved from center to starboard side (a Lavac) that looks neat and hidden. In the process we disconnected water and drain from wash basin and store more tools etc. It is a small space and one kitchen sink is sufficient.
The brass bowl is now removable and can be filled or emptied, it being sometimes useful for cleaning bits and pieces.

I have extra parts and a rebuild kit for a Wilcox head. If you need it let me know. It is free.