Aluminum Corrosion

Ahoy All , my question today , is how do you free up a corroded aluminum zipper slide on a plastic zipper track ?

I would like to get a chemical that “Eats” or bubbles up and desolves , that white aluminum powder, on corroded aluminum pieces.

I have tried nitric acid , stove cleaner caustic soda , vinegar , and about to try phosphoric acid .

Once I heard someone say , "try , Coca Cola " , but I don’t have any here .

So what will that magic remedy be ???

Would Sodium Oxide , ( Lye ) work ?

You might try citric acid.


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The white solids and powder that form on aluminum metal is aluminum oxide.
It is slowly soluble in aqueous alkaline solutions (Merck Index of
chemicals) and forms hydroxides. I do not believe you will have much luck
removing the corrosion.

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T Y , Rod . You are quite correct that removing that white powder corrosion on the zipper slide will be difficult , especially since the white powder has expanded inside and prevents any chemical from attacking it .

I have been using a needle to poke and prod the slide jaws while trying to add acids with an eye droper .

I had heard it said that the anodizing on aluminum is not removable with chemicals , but later I found that the anodizing could be removed with a concentrated caustic acid solution of sodium hydroxide , like “Drano” a drain cleaner , or an oven cleaner .

Probably my best solution would be to have a seamstress remove that zipper track and replace it with an all plastic YKK zipper and slide , Ouch !

You are quite correct, sodium hydroxide, a very strong base, will
slowly react with aluminum oxide, i.e. “an alkaline solution” per
Merck. The pH of a sodium hydroxide solution is 13 and corrosive to
most materials. The rate of attack is dependent on material, time and
temperature. As you suspect, the best solution is to replace the


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