Anchor rode?

Itchen is finally back home in Maine after two years in the Bahamas plus a short Cuba jaunt, and I’m going over her for overdue major cleanup and gear maintenance and upgrading. At the moment I have a couple hundred-plus feet of very rusty chain washed and drying on the dock and am thinking of replacing it with about fifty feet of the chain plus around 200’ - 250’ of strong stretchy Nova Nov-Eight braid, Yale Brait 8-strand or similar. 1/2" is likely strong enough but I am inclined to go for 9/16" or 5/8" for greater safety margin and chafe resistance. I Would love to get all that chain-weight out of the bow, not to mention the inevitable rust accumulation. I read good things about the strength, stowability and handling characteristics of these braid rodes but have never used one.So opinions are welcome!

BTW, the current anchor inventory is a Delta Deepset 44 pounder on the chain as our usual working bowsprit anchor, a CQR 22 and and Fortress 15 backup, plus a semi-antique but efficient lovely little Northhill folding lunch hook.

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Hello Scott and Dottie,

Glad to hear you are back in home waters. Some sabatical from stateside…I am jealous. I had a Downeaster ( lobster boat ) that used the eight braid. Though I never anchored and weathered a blow …the line is a big plus as the weight savings
and associated mess with chain…rust etc is eliminated. Also it lays down in the well with no fuss…not bad on the hands either.

We just bought a place on the Great Wicomico near Ingram Bay and have a nice deep water dock. If you are on your way North or South you are welcome to park your

Best to you and Dot

ps…my best to Itchen as well

Hi Scott, of course anchors and anchoring is a volatile subject. I have ridden out some heavy blows with my setup. But all were in good holding ground. Even rode out a strange day of 0-50 knot winds. I use a 22lb Delta. Supposedly equal in holding ability as a 35lb CQR. I run 5/16 HT chain, 50ft. This is attached to 5/8 8 plait you speak of. I chose the larger line for chafe. Although I have for a very long time used 1/2. Also many of the windlasses around are set up for 5/16 chain and 5/8 rode. Was thinking about getting a rope chain electric windlass.