Anchor Roller Question

This roller confuses me… I see pins on top, with retaining rings, but I dont understand how these pins are removed… if at all? I would like to be able to remove them, cuz the anchor barely fits thru here… Am I retarded or, is this some strange mystery.

The purpose of the pins is to prevent the chain from jumping out of the roller.

My guess, is the pins are threaded, hence the need for the rings. I would shoot some penetrating oil on to the pins, wait a day and unthread them.

A nice setup.


Ben: Hi!

Rod is correct - the pin closes the gate and keeps the chain on the roller. On Zygote (see attached pic anchorrollergate.jpg, about 72 KB ), the pin is hinged and held in place by screw tension.

I would suggest slipping the cotter ring and pushing the rod to starboard - it may be a through-sprit fitting.

The idea of the forward anchor roller is to keep anchor chain away from the hull when you are at anchor.

The question then becomes one of anchor stowage:

  • for a blue-water voyage, you might (as we do on Zygote) stow the anchor as far aft as possible on deck (to keep the bow as light as possible) - that generally requires a tag line attached to the anchor so it can be controlled as it lifted on deck;

  • for a short coastal passage in calm conditions, some anchors (eg CQR) can be snagged around the bobstay; or

  • for a short coastal passage, some anchors (eg a CQR, most of the roll bar anchors) can be stowed with their shank on the anchor roller.




Thanks you guys – I like your style Bill, it’s self explanitory. I’ll check mine out tomorrow when I get back to the boat and try sliding it sideways… I did try this, but nothing happened. IIRC they were seperate pieces, and both spun independently. But neither one showed any way of coming out. I thought they might be spring loaded, so I pushed them inboard and twisted, hoping they’d pop loose and come out, but nope. I didnt twist them enuff in one direction to conclude if they were threaded or not… It didnt feel like they were.,. but I’ll check it out again!

Those are quick release pins that simply come out when you pull on them.
There is a small ball at the end that retains them. If they haven’t been
used for awhile they will be stiff. After you get them out a little oil on
them will help get them working. So just grab hold of the ring and pull.
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thanks that makes sense.


I tried tugging on these pins after letting some PB Blaster sit in there for an hour or so… all I did was bend the ring pins! Guess I’ll let it soak some more…

I don’t have any pins, where may they be found/purchased?


Try tapping the end with a hammer like you’re hammering a nail. If it’s rusted in place, this might break it free.

Aaron N.

Stewart: Hi!

You want a quick release pin? Try ABI here:

The ABI pins are stout high stress jobs. For others, just searching the Net for “detent pin” or “quick release pin”.



Check for detent pins. In the search box under “Find Products” type “detent pins.”



BTW, got the pins out - levered vice grips :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info on pins guys, sourcing stuff is always a problem.