back support

What are all of you doing for back support (what do you lean against) while hand steering your BCC? I’m guessing my back may get very tired/sore without support while hand steering during easy & short coastal day cruising?

I use those Sport-A-Seat chairs when the boat isn’t healing too much. Otherwise I just use boat cushions, two in the cockpit well for my feet and one for my back.

This came up a year or so ago and should be findable in the archives, but …
I really like the smaller of the two blue folding seat/backrests available from West Marine for under $50. Actually on sale at the Annapolis sailboat show this week for around $35. Having made the trek to the Bahamas and back twice, once without and once with one of these simple little devices I am 100% pleased and my back agrees with me. Advantages: 1. Folds out flat for easy storage on top of whichever bunk is vacant - or for use as a half-mattress for off-watch snoozing on deck. 2. Adjustable backrest angle. 3. Can be placed anywhere around the cockpit that suits our angle of heel or gets me out of the wind behind the dodger, or back by the gallows frame for better view ahead. 4. Light.
5. Clean lines and not tarted-up with gaudy colors or faux-nautical design motifs. 6. Cheap and can be chucked without remorse after getting ratty. 7. Needs no varnish – got enough wood to deal with already!

I prefer the small one – the larger version takes up too much storage space below.


Photo - back support photo from BCC INDIGO