BCC 28

Hello all,

My name is Reggie Lewis. I’m a retired naval aviator living in Cherry Hill,
NJ. I am considering buying a BBC 28 from the Sam Morse company within the
next year or so and would appreciate any opinions or information, both
positive and negative, on the BCC 28. I have gathered as much info as
possible from the Sam Morse web site and various sailing magazines
including the June issue of Blue Water Sailing ) and they all have nothing
but praise for the boat. I would be living on the boat full time while
gaining additional sailing experience for an ocean passage. I have several
years experience sailing Luder yawls and an Alberg 30 but I have never owned
a boat of my own. I’m 56 years old ( in excellent health ) and would be
sailing a good part of the time with a long time lady friend of mine who
also enjoys sailing. My e-mail address is a4driver@cyberenet.net . I am
particularly interested in what it’s like to live on a boat which is a bit
on the smaller side of blue water cruisers. Thank you.