BCC #85

My wife and I were the original owners of BCC #85 and we would like to know where she is and how she is doing.

She was re-named “Shanti” nine years ago, but I don’t know if that is still her name.

Can any of you help?

Ted & Kathy

I think perhaps Gary ought to answer this one !!

Hi Ted,

Shanti is alive and well in the US Virgin Islands. I purchased her in 2007 and kept the name. Didn’t want her to have an identity complex, she might get lost.

For the last 4 years have been slowly doing a major refit.

  • sails
  • 25hp Beta engine w/feathering prop and all related systems.
  • bronze chain plates
  • water tanks including install of additional 30gal in bilge forward of engine. renewed all plumbing
  • Refrigeration system
  • Large battery bank above chain locker forward.
  • Moved staysl fairlead to on deck.
  • Synthetic rigging w/movable roller furling for jib.
  • Awlgrip on mast and boom.

You can read about most of this here http://garyfelton.com/shanti/
I haven’t kept up the blog because I have been too busy working on her.

You can also see a VR 360 tour here http://www.yacht-photography.net/2012/05/10/im-the-client/

I have changed the color scheme some.

would love to chat with you about her. PM me if you can or contact me through my website.