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In response to your questions re the Pardeys and their
comments concerning Serrafyn and Taleisin.
Incidently, the current owners of Serrafyn, Wayne and
Norma Tiller, were also at the show, and I had an
opportunity to also speak with them at length
regarding their experiences with the boat.

Other than size, both Serrafyn and Taleisin are very
similar. The additional size of Taleisin allows some
creature comforts not present in Serrafyn. Of course,
the fact that neither boat has an engine or is
burdened with non-essential gadgets, permits greater
interior flexibility and space.

The Falmouth Cutter is in my view a bit tight for
extended cruising, even with only two people. Others
may have a different view. Depending on your needs
and intended use of the boat, the Falmouth Cutter may
indeed be a good fit for your needs. Serrafyn is
larger than the Falmouth Cutter, and the interior
layout is considerably different, e.g., Serrafyn has a
double berth forward for use in port, and of course
without an engine, has considerably more interior
storage space. The Pardeys, not surprisingly, were
strong advocates of Lyle Hess designed boats.

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The Flicka Sailboat Website maybe of interest -
http://home.att.net/~seagypsy/ . Our last boat was a Nor’star custom built
aft cabin Flicka - http://home.att.net/~africanmoon/ . We just purchased a
Canadian built BCC after selling our Nor’star Flicka.

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