BCC blog

Hi everyone,

Our BCC SV Pixie has been on the hard in the Blackline shed at Canoe Cove, B.C. getting a complete makeover! It’s been months! The work started in May and it is still not completed and December is looming. I finally put up a few photos of the progress on our blog if you are interested.

The blog is at www.pixiesails.wordpress.com

I’ll be updating it as we receive more photos (although the guys get so busy working on her they forget to send us pics!). it is hard to live so far away from her (we live in Calgary, Alberta).


Cathy and Bill Norrie

Hi Cathy and Bill,
I’ve enjoyed looking at the photos on your blog! Am I wrong in thinking that Port Townsend Foundry is using flat plate on the chain plates, and welding up the gammon iron, etc.? Didn’t they cast those pieces in the past? I’ll bet that allowed some weight reduction. They are gorgeous!