BCC deck nonskid

I recently bought the 1987 BCC ‘Adventure’, hull number 79. She had 5 rectangular deck
prisms installed that were leaking and had been sealed with duct tape. 5 Rubbermaid
plastic shoe boxes were part of her inventory of equipment. These were to be placed
down below under the deck prisms in the wintertime to collect water which leaked in.

I decided to remove the deck prisms and repair the holes that had been cut but the
problem was how to match the deck nonskid pattern. In order to do that, Sumio at Sam L
Morse company had Crystaliner lay up a 2’ x 6’ sheet of the nonskid using the actual BCC
deck mold. I bought this panel and used about half of it to repair the deck on Adventure.

I have a 23" x 34" section of this nonskid left over and decided to offer it for sale at
$200.00 to another BCC owner who may have need of it. The price covers half of my cost
of the whole sheet of nonskid. The nonskid sheet is about 1/8" thick and is the original
Camel gelcoat used to build a new BCC.

If anyone has need of this material, please email me at johnpurins@mac.com and we’ll
arrange the shipping from San Francisco to wherever.

John Purins