BCC in Gran Canary

Sumio is currently crosing the Atlantic from Spain and stopped in Gran Canary where he spotted this BCC on 12/20/08

It would be intersting to know who it is.

To follow Sumio’s adventures you can see his blog at http://www.marinersblogs.net/?a=blog&id=81 Please note - the blog is in Japanese.

Here is the BCC


Hi John, yes, it would be interesting to know about this BCC and the story of the owner.

Sometimes I wonder just how many BCC owners, never participate in our forum or share their ideas and modifications.

One that I know of is BCC Puffin, located in Bay Of Islands, NZ .

There must be many more .


What is Sumio sailing on?

I often think about how many other BCC’s are out there that we never hear about. I suppose when your actually out cruising the world, there is little time or interest in cruising the forums!

Along the same lines, a BCC showed up on Yachtworld the other day… 1978, custom factory finish interior - looks like a nice boat for a nice price.

BTW, John I never got an email from your original post, just an email from Douglas’s response. Sometimes that happens I’ve noticed. I think it happens whenever there is an attachment to the post.

Hi Ben:

You will not receive posts where there is an attachment; this is because many of the members may be using text only services using a Paxtor modem or similar.

We cannot choke up systems such as Airmail with non-text data.


I just looked at the BCC photo Sumio sent from Spain. Note the hard dodger and paint scheme. It appears that all or most of the wood is painted - less work.




Thanks for the clear up John, makes perfect sense.