BCC Made in Canada

Is the quality of the BCC made by the manufacture in Canada the same quality of boat made in Costa Mesa at the Sam L Morse Ca.




There are no major structural difference between a SLM built BCC and an Channel Cutter built BCC. There are a few differences between the two boats. SLM boats are built with a plywood deck/cabin core and the Canadian BCC was built using balsa core. This is the one major difference between the two boats. To the best of my knowledge, the Canadian boats were fitted with bronze hardware, whereas most of the SLM boats have stainless steel hardware. As with early SLM boats, some of the Canadian built boats were owner finished. Our Canadian BCC was owner finished to a very high standard by Peter Thinnus, a German machinist. Most of the Canadian boats were finished with teak decking over the fiberglass. As with all teak decking, if the seams and bungs are not maintained, rot may develop in the cored deck.

Is plywood coring better than balsa coring. As with most construction methods, each has its pros and cons.

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