Bcc Yanmar control panel covers

Our 1990 BCC has a teak box around the Yanmar control panel on the forward face of the cockpit well, missing is the plastic slidding door, inserts from left to right and cover the entire face of the box.
Due to the location and the thickness of the box and the corners, I can?now say ouch and a few other choice words in at least 12 different languages… Ok, Soumi don’t get defensive.:slight_smile:
Here is the fix:

  1. Remove the teak bungs (plugs) from the rim of the box and remove the screws and box.

  2. Use 3M adhesive remover to remove the bedding compound from the fiberglass without damaging the cockpit.

  3. Using similar sized screws and dress washers and some silicone sealant, insert these in the holes used to secure the box. Someone will think you hung something trick on the inside of the cockpit, it will look nice and you won’t have to go to all the hassle of fiberglassing in the holes with gelcoat that never matches.

  4. Now, buy a small section of boltrope track, comes in aluminum or plastic, choice is yours. A bolt rope track, if you look into the end of it looks like a letter “d”, the flat part of the letter “d” we will call the back, there is a slot cut into the round section of the track. the track can be glued and screwed to the face of the cockpit above the control panel. Make the boltrope track 2" longer than the control panel, taper the ends from the center down to the back so nothing, including your shins will catch. Glue and screw it into place, with the straight piece pointing down to hide the screws when the cover is in place. let the glue/sealant set up over night.

  5. Make a flat cover of Sunbrella or similar awning material, with a bolt rope sewn into the top edge, this slides into the boltrope track; at the bottom edge install one snap in each corner. I hear hot-pink is in vogue…

  6. Remember to bed, apply sealant under the snaps before you install them.

All Sunbrella and similar products require periodic treatment with a water repellent product similar to 3M Scotch-Guard, nothing stays water proof for ever.
This will make a nice simple cover that will shed water away from your control panel and guarentee no brused shins, not as pretty as a teak box, but it is attractive, simple and cheap, comes off when sailing and you DON’T HAVE TO VARNISH IT!
With this cover, please remember to remove your ignition key when not in use, you can kick it and break it off, Oh, did I say there was a down side?
Best wishes,
Marty Chin, BCC Shamrock