BCC28-072 Tsunami damage

John Cole and Sumio have a placed a photo of Douglas Walling’s
Calliste, taken 10 minutes after the tsunami wiped out Telaga
Harbour, on http://www.samlmorse.com.

Thanks, John and Sumio!

I spoke by telephone to Douglas this morning: he was underway,
motoring (his bowsprit and headstay need to be replaced before he can
raise a jib) and exploring and enjoying some of the spectacular
anchorages around Langkawi in an attempt to salvage something from
his planned Christmas-New Year voyage.

In January, Douglas plans to haul Calliste out and assess the damage.
Facilities are, as you can imagine when two marinas are destroyed,
incapable of dealing with the demand.

Jimmy Cornell’s Noonsite website has info about the tsunami damage
(see http://www.noonsite.com/General/Weather/ASIATSUNAMI ) including
links to roll calls of cruisers in the area and lists of the damaged

The death toll is now approaching that of the A-bomb on Nagasaki.

The death and damage on shore dwarfs that to cruisers, of course.

One lesson for cruisers is to anchor in 8 metres, not 4 m! Another is
not to assume that an anchorage which is safe and sheltered from
weather is safe from other dangers.

Western polities are promising and delivering some aid (the USA has
promised US$35 million, Germany US$28 million, etc), but the scale of
the task is hard to comprehend.



BCC28-116 Zygote
Marina Batu Uban, Penang, Malaysia