BCC's Along East Coast

Well… I’m planning my trip down the East coast this fall, and wondering who’s going to be around, and who I can meet up with along the way?!

I have no particular destination in mind, but plan to stop in a few places, and if one suits me, I’ll stay there for a while.

I have plans to stop in the following places (plans are set in jello):
Long Island
Easton, MD (east shore of chesapeake)
Dismal Swamp
Beaufort NC
Charleston SC
… that’s as far as i got :wink:

I’m planning to leave here the 29th of Sept if I’m lucky. I Don’t expect to be in the Chesapeake until after the 15th of October.

So chime in if your on the way, and want to get together. Already spoke about it some with Rod and Jeremy/Nica.

As you exit the C&D canal turn North for 6 nm to visit Havre de Grace; I can probably fix a free slip for a night, wheels to get supplies, and a brewski or two.


Hopefully, we will be back in Baltimore by the 17th October then I plan to leave on the 24th for a 330 mile self-supported bicycle tour. If you are in Baltimore between those dates, I can not offer a free slip but I can offer a shower either at our house or the marina, a dinner and reasonable company. I also have local knowledge on anchorages in Baltimore’s inner harbor as well as middle branch.

If your SSB is working we will be checking into the cruiseheimers net (8152, 8146, 8164 Hz) at 8:30 am from September 29th to October 16.




You’re welcome to use a slip at my dock in Blackhole Creek off the Magothy River which is between Annapolis and Baltimore. If you’re interested let me know when you’ll be in the area so I can give you directions and figure out if I’ll be at the boat then.

Mark Pliskin (Salute #122)

Thanks for the invitation Mark! I will keep you posted on our progress. How many BCC’s are down on the Chesapeake? I looked at the Who’s Where map and saw 4 BCC’s:


Are those last two still there? Are there more?

Anyone know if the two boats shown on the Jersey coast are still there?
Maramenum II

Speaking of which, I know Susie Q was sold and is now in Quebec under a new name… John, how can we update that map page and keep it current, with all these boats changing hands/names so often?

And how about FL?! I know jo anne is there, I forget where… but somewhere North. Would be great to meet up with you too and see a 26’ in person.

Interesting there are no boats in GA, or SC that I see on the map.

Hi Ben:

The are at least two more BCC’s in the Chesapeake, one in Baltimore and one in the Northern Bay, but I don’t have the exact locations.

Regarding the “Who’s Where” maps and the database: This is a real headache to maintain: There is no relationship between the two web environments because the database was created several years before the “Who’s Where” page was a possibility.

The only updates that happen to the database are when people purchase a vessel and are kind enough to announce it on this website.

The “Who’s Where” page is absolutely reliant on owner input, and I have never figured out a way to “transfer” ownership. This is because someone may sell their boat, but retain their username and password. The only way to deal with this is through my manual intervention, which will only happen if owners advise me there has been a change and provide the relevant LAT/LON


hi ben,

the little pearl is currently on the hard at alton’s yard in titusville. it’s a two minute jaunt down the road from titusville municipal marina (central florida) the marina is on the ICW. Alton’s is not.

if you find yourself in the area, you are welcome to swing by and see her. my business number is 407-834-9872. i tried to send my cell number to your website, but i get the message that the website has an operational problem. in any case, whether i’m in town or not, i will tell the alton’s you are welcome aboard.

enjoy your trip!

Hi jo anne – I will keep you posted on our progress, we leave in 6 days. Can you email me off list about the problem you experienced with my site?