BCC's for sale

I am interested in purchasing a BCC. I would prefer that the BCC be “factory finished” and without significant modifications to original spec. I may be reached at 480-970-0993. Please keep me in mind before you list your vessel.

All the best,

Steve Morris

Hi Steve,
Currently, we have two BCC’s for sale (having sold the other nine which we had very quickly). ?RogueWave will have another BCC coming to brokerage within the next week, all are on an Exclusive Central Listing Agreement with the vessel’s owners.
If you’re REALLY serious, please feel free to give us a call, to talk BCCs, and to make an offer so that your dreams of finally owning a BCC will come true for you.
RogueWave Yacht Sales
Bernie Jakits
1806 Dreams Landing Way
Annapolis ,? MD , USA 21401
410.571.2955 Office
443.742.1792 Cell
801.681.9741 Fax

Kate - Our computer died so we lost all our addresses etc. Tom is currently in BC working on our new boat. He has the paperwork in hand regarding stats on Misty and will get it back to you when he gets back to the states next week.

Yes, we will be listing it with you; right now it’s just a matter of time for us.

Thanks, Mary Ruzich

PS A better e-mail for me at this point is mruzich@n…
and when we get a home computer hooked up again we can go back to the old address.


I sent you a message last week as I have a BCC for sale in Seatlle. Do you want me to call you?

Irv Alpert