Bermuda Bound

Hello All,

Sometime during the third or fourth week of September I intend to sail my BCC from Cape Cod to Bermuda. The trip should take just about a week. I’ll spend about a week there in Bermuda and then go on to Florida. That leg sould take just over a week. ( 10 or 12 days ) I had intended to single hand the boat but before I commit to doing that I thought I might post on the BCC Forum to see if anyone here might be interested in coming along. I thought that there might be a potential future BCC owner who might like some exposure to the boat or possibly even a current owner who might have an interest in doing either one or both legs of this trip.

A great opportunity to brush up on your celestial !

If no one is interested that’s fine but if anyone thinks they might like to come along I’ll be glad to talk with them about the trip. If you have an interest you’re welcome to get in touch via this forum.


S/V Loon


I am a BCC owner (35 years) and was thinking I still have another passage in me. As Waxwing is our home, I’m restricted in passage making do to my wife’s illness.

I’d be interested to know more of your plans…weather routing, electronics aboard, and any safety concerns. Also, your own experience in ocean sailing.


Stan Roeder (hull 22 Waxwing)

Terrier is resting for the winter in Sointula. We had been amongst the spectacular Broughtons. Cheers,


After cruising in the Broughtons’, Terrier is berthed in Sointula on Malcom Island.