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Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 8:54 AM
Subject: [bcc] Bilge Pumps - "Don't Worry"

How big a bilge pump should be fitted to a boat?  A question I attempted to answer by calculating how many gallons of water would flow through a 1" hole located 2' below the waterline.  The answer is 30 gallons per minute or 1,800 gallons per hour (15,012 lb./hr).
My general conclusion: a bilge pump was good for dewatering the bilge and perhaps would "buy" a sailor a little time but unless the inflow of water is stopped, Davey Jones would be your neighbor.
Regardless, IDUNA is fitted with a Henderson Mark V hand operated bilge pump and will be fitted with a small electric pump for dewatering the boat.  The other option available, is to fit a Sabb engine driven pump to the boat's Sabb G engine.
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