Bill Clinton has some competition

Browsing bookselling websites, I found the following juicy item:

Author: Roger Olson
Title: Plot your course to adventure: How to be a successful cruiser
ISBN: 1418405760
Edition: print on demand
Binding: paperback
Publisher: Authorpress
Date Published: May 20, 2004

The cover carries a photo of a BCC (Xiphias?) anchored in a bay lined
with coconut palms, as seen over a hut thatched with palm fronds. My
guess is the S Pacific (New Guinea, Solomon Islands?).

I understand that Roger and BCC28 #111 Nereus transited the Panama
Canal recently. says Books Anywhere, IL, USA can supply the book for
US$41.95 and ships within 2 to 3 days.

And the publisher’s website,, has Roger’s book listed
for US$26.00



BCC28 #116 Zygote, Marina Batu Uban, Malaysia