It just occured to me while writing a response to the Teak prices that it might be neat to have a bio section in the Forum. This could include a brief outline about each of us and who we are. The information would give our specialties, favorite anchorages, marinas and yards. It would serve as a means to get to know other members beyond seeing first names and boat names posted after responses to the Forum. With the cease to manufacture any additional BCC’s and FC’s, at least for now, we have, overnight, become a pretty unique group in owning the best of the best. Let’s get to know who we are.

Gee Bob, I couldn’t agree more. There are some very ecceptional owners of BCC’s, and I am always amazed by their skills, knowledge and accomplishments.

It is too bad that not all the owners will take the time to comment on the forum, even Ron Walton of the FC News, has trouble getting owners to write in their current happenings.

One forum feature that I just discovered is that you can go back anytime and edit or update a previously submitted reply, and this might let one update his bio from time to time.

I think that there are other owners who have lost contact or track of BCC owners that they have met while cruising, because I certainly have .

As owners we all have one thing in common, and that is we love our boats, and that is a Big Thank You, to Lyle .


I agree also. I recently fell in love with sailing and always enjoy reading about other’s adventures and learning experiences. I know there are many BCC owners traveling throughout the world and it would be great if they would share their experiences.

I plan on taking some mini voyages to Nantuket, Newport, RI, and Block Island this summer and would be interested in hearing from other BCC owners who have been to these destinations.

I’m looking forward to a great summer. If any BCC owners are planning to be in the LI Sound this summer please give me a call. I live in Northport off Duck Island Harbor.

S/V Susie Q
631 757 2058

I think that’s a cool idea. Another fun idea is to do a frappr map, to see where everyone is… like this one: - kind of fun.


Hello Richard,

I have a BCC and plan to keep here on a mooring at Coecles Harbor in Shelter Island this Summer. Currently “Lightfoot” is in Annapolis getting some spiffing up done. Probably will not be there until end of June or so. Have had a mooring there the last several years. My favorite place with easy access to Gardiners Bay, Block etc. Let me know when you might be out that way.
Best to you

I like the frapper idea also []. It can be customised and limited to members only I believe. It makes it very easy to see where everyone is located so even if making a road trip you could get to see other BCC owners and their boats.