Black Water Holding Tank

How is the standard SLM black water holding tank mounted?

Are they just set between the bulkheads with something between the tank and the hull to keep them from rubbing (2" closed cell foam maybe)? Or is there some kind of mount built to hold it up off the hull?



Bryon, The holding tanks is set on a shelf that is fiberglassed to the hull. This supports the tank weight. The tanks is made to fit snugly aft of the bitts, between the hull sides. It cannot move from side to side. Then there are wooden pieces set on top that are fiberglassed to the hull. This tank should not move even if rolled over. If you are having problems, I would like to know what it is.


Thanks Roger,

No problems, just rebuilding and unusable Canadian custom built forpeak to something resembling a SLM BCC. It had no waste tank when I bought it.

I have already built a mount that fits snugly between the 2 bulkheads and contains the tank but I have not seen any other pictures of BCC’s with there waste tanks removed. I guess my main concern was weight forward and yet another mount that had to go in but it sounds like it’s need. I’ll continue.