Boat Swap


My wife Mary teaches school in Fairbanks, Alaska and I have just retired.
Our summers are free to sail the San Juans and points north. This summer
we will head north into Canada and sail around Vancouver Island.

We often comment to one another how wonderful it would be if our boat
Misty-BCC #5 was on the East Coast for the summer so we could enjoy their
sailing. This brought to mind the thought of swapping our BCC located in
Anacortes, Washington with a fellow BCC owner on the East Coast.

This is a long range plan as Mary and I are looking ahead to the year 2001
for the swap. For now I’m just gathering input to see if there are any
interested parties.

We will be out of touch with the real world (?) from June 2nd until the end
of August when we return home. Looking forward to hearing from our fellow
BCC owners.

Tom Ruzich
Misty-BCC #5

Mary Ruzich

Hi Tom. I saw your message about a BCC swap in the future. I do not
have a BCC right now, but might have one in the not too distant future.
I am still doing research to decide if the BCC is the right boat for me
and my wife, or whether I should be looking for something else. While I
really enjoyed reading the Serrafyn books by L&LPardey, I don’t think my
wife would be willing to live in such spartan conditions, and I would go
batty if I did not have my computer on board with an internet hookup.
If you have the time, I sure would enjoy hearing from you on how you
have your BCC set up. When are you going to be cruising in Vancouver?
My wife and I are going to charter a Catalina 34 out of Sidney BC in
mid-July. We’ll keep an eye out for you on “Misty”.
Sidney L. Patin
Colorado Springs
nice weather, no bugs, but no water