boat yard recommendation

Planning some significant upgrades to my BCC that will require manufacturer grade talent in fiberglass, carpentry and electrical. Any boat yard recommendations in North Carolina or Virginia would be appreciated. Currently on the hard at Deaton’s in Oriental, N.C. Any experience with Deaton’s would also be appreciated.

I’ve had work done at Tiffany’s in Reedville Virginia. They build yachts,
and have been doing this since the 1930’s. Real nice work if you need
special woodwork or fiberglass. They recently built a 68 footer.

Deagle’s boatyard in Deltaville Virginia also does nice work. Last time
I stopped by, they were rebuilding president Kennedy’s yacht. Its the one
he was photgraphed in for the cover of Time magazine back in the 1960’s.

Mark Gearhart

Russell Yachts in Morehead City,NC (252-240-2826).

I highly recommend this yard to anyone on the east coast that needs work done on a Lyle Hess boat. The owner Tommy Russell, is an true shipwright and the yard does really great glass, electrical work. It also never hurts that Tommy’s head is full of Channel Cutter know how. He was a friend of Lyle Hess and manufactured 26 foot Channel Cutters back in the day. I think they built 11 boats. The yard is also reasonably priced. You can also call me if you have any questions. Matt 919-740-2852