I need to replace the bowsprit on my BCC 28( hull 67) and find that the in situ bowsprit is 6 inches shorter than the current specifications. The questions are:
1 were some Bccs made this way?
2 thoughts on replacement length. maintain as is vs refit with the longer bowsprit.


The bowsprit on the early BCC’s are about 6" longer than some of the later BCC. It was shortened when owners complained they could not hold onto the jib stay and staysail stay at the same time. When Olsen took over production, he specified the original longer bowsprint.

If you are still in the Baltimore area, Dave Wood can build you a bowsprit. He is talented and his work is outstanding.

Building your own bowsprit is not that difficult.

Hello Paul,

Don’t know if this is of use but this is drawing of my bowsprit which was built by
SLM in 1990.