Hello all,
After a recent passage to Veracruz Mex.from Galveston Tx. only 1300 nm. The cransiron (sp?) has compressed about 3/16" into the endgrain of the sprit. The wood is very sound and the stays were not over tentioned after the last time I removed it for varnishing. Has anyone else had this occure? I always thought the compressive load in this area was too concentrated. I have the sprit off again for stripping and finishing and am considering welding a 3/16"x3/8" flange around the end of the cransiron. Kind of like a large flat washer. To distribute the force over the max. area of the endgrain. I saw this menthod used on a Hans Christian and it seems logical.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
By the way. Sam Morse is now offering a second bowroller allembly. They supplied me with the design drawings and i fabricated it myself with the welding being done by a friend. Best $100 I ever spent. Anchor deployment and retrieval is much easier and I don’t worry about beating up the stem with the anchor.
All for now.

Russ and Carol
“Pelagic” 93

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