bronze belaying pins

i am looking into the feasibility of replacing my wooden belaying pins with bronze. any tips on foundries/chandeleries that supply them would be appreciated.
i checked davey-unfortunately, the size available will not suit.

thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.

Jo Ann,

I know Bristol Bronze stocks 7" and 9" pins, and PTF makes them.

A Google search suggests,,

Good luck!
Aaron N.

Here is a link to Toplicht. Looks like they carry four different sizes:

I would stay away from Bristol Bronze. The owner I dealt with is not to be trusted to making good on bad parts. His quality leaves more than a little to be desired.

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the gentlemen with whom i spoke mentioned that they were the company that produced the bronze for sam l morse company. is that not the case?
would you mind elaborating on what your problem was with bristol bronze? if you prefer, you are welcome to contact me off list at

Have You tried Hamilton Marine, they have three sizes, look under the sailing category, I don’t know who is the manufacturer.

I have used pins made by Port Townsend Foundry. Pete can recommend an appropriate size and cut them to the correct length. Terrier’s are 1/2 inch in diameter where they pass through the rail. I don’t have any pictures available, but like all of the bronze from PTF they’re built to last and have elegance of simplicity.


Where are all these belaying pins going on peoples BCCs?

port townsend had the pins i needed and they are on their way.
so, thank you all for the input

i have a pin rail which sits at the base of my mast. so i need me pins to make fast me halyards.

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I use a pin rail on the lowers. 3 pins each.