bronze fasteners

i am seeking recommendations for sources of bronze fasteners. i know about greenboat stuff and jamestown distributors. any others companies who carry first rate products would be appreciated.

thanks in advance for taking the time to reply

Mc Master has 'em I think, right? I forget what I found at Fastenal, but maybe try them too.

Hamilton Marine, Maine -

McFeely’s has square drive bronze fastenings. - You are being redirected...

Bolt Depot - Wood screws - Bolt Depot

BCC On the Hard

I bought a bunch of bronze screws from CC Fasteners in New York for my John Welsford Pathfinder build, but due to personal reasons, never got around to using any of them. They look good in the bags. :slight_smile:

I used to have an account at “Fasco Fasteners” , in Alameda, California, on SF Bay.

Their sales people told me that they wanted to be the largest bronze fastener supplier, but I am not sure they ever made that mark.

West Marine and Port Supply used to be supplied by Fasco. Port Supply was able to place bronze fastener orders for me, from Fasco, too.

The Seattle, WA , area may have v good bronze fastener suppliers, too, but I don’t know them.

BTW , I love all my bronze fasteners, and would only trade them for titanium, if I had to.

LOL, Douglas