Bumpkin GPS Mount

Re: Naval Brass and Red Brass GPS Mount

Because IDUNA is not fitted with a stern pulpit, deciding where to mount the
large Furuno differential GPS antenna became a challenge. The location
needed to be out-of-the-way, not disturb the aesthetic of the boat too much
and placed, such that the mainsheet would not catch on it. The bumpkin was
the logical choice but we did not want to drill holes in this critical
structural piece of wood. The problem was solved by building an antenna
mount that clamped around the bumpkin. Images of the mount are posted in
the Projects Gallery.

The mounted is constructed from 1/4" X 1" naval brass stock and a red brass
pipe nipple. The pipe nipple was silver soldiered to the naval brass stock.
Naval brass may be purchased at www.mcmaster.com . Red brass pipe nipples
are available at hardware stores and ships store. Some ship stores
incorrectly lable their pipe fittings and refer to them as bronze pipe
fittings. Two 1/4" bronze machine screws fasten the mount to the bumpkin.
Rubberized cork gasketing stock (NAPA Auto) was placed between the mount and
wood bumpkin.


I must admit that I installed my GPS antenna (originally Garmin, now Furuno) on the boomkin by drilling mounting holes; that was 6 years ago and, happily, no problems.

Gary Mynett
Dioscouri (#064)