Cape George Copies BCC Forum

Heh Heh!

It isn’t too surprising; Coledata hosts the website, which is funded by a member of the “BCC club”.

Interesting, the site is sponsored by a private member and he/she is part of the BCC club. Hopefully there are no extra affairs surfacing and/or breaches of national security. This intrigue may interest the FBI or Homeland Security.



Shock! Horror! Washington Post reveals that lust for blue water boats results in users having dalliances with

Indeed, I read the story in the Washington Post and New York Times. I can understand how one can be seduced by blue-water, a fair wind, and a Bristol Channel Cutter or Cape George Cutter. Besides beauty, the boats are seaworthy and well proven by thousands of miles of cruising. These are proper sea boats built upon the tradition of the English Working Craft that took men out to sea and brought them back safely to port.