Cape Horn Servo Rudder to Tiller Linkage

Because of the group-buy of the Cape Horn Windvane Steering System, I have posted several photos showing the servo-rudder control connection at the tiller.

When we first installed the windvane, we connected the control line to the tiller with two rope thimbles lashed to the tiller and two jam cleats. The jam cleats did not work well for us. These were replaced with Spinlok cam cleats (similar to a rope clutch) - photo DSC01396 copy.

The Spinlok cam cleats worked well for us but we felt there was perhaps too much stretch in the lashings securing the round rope thimbles to the tiller. This year, I built a “padeye clamp” to replace the rope thimbles. Because I did not like the idea of drilling holes through the tiller, the “padeyes” clamp to the tiller with two 1/4" X 20 silicone bronze lengths of all-thread - photo SRT linkage 1, SRT linkage 2 and SRT linkage 3. The last photo shows parts for the "padeye clamp - SRT linkage detail.


DSC01396 copy.jpg

SRT linkage 2.jpg

SRT linkage 3.jpg

Thanks for that very useful information. Nice work!