Carbon Fiber Bowsprit

For those of you who are interested by such things, I am about to replace
Cyrano’s bowsprit with a new one made of all Carbon Fiber. It’s in build now and
should decrease weight by 1/3 and increase various strength parameters by 70%

I have been thinking about replacing bowsprit on Anita Rock. Going carbon sounds interesting and would allow ample strength for extending sprit for mounting an
asymetrical?? Appreciate your comments.

nathaniel berkowitz, sausalito california
tel: 415 331 3314 fax: 415 331 1854

I would have thought that a sprit of carbon fiber would be a lot more than 1/3 lighter than a wood one. But then what wood are you comparing it to? Teak, douglas fir or in my case (rebuilt after hurricane) western red cedar??Is it going to be a hollow sprit like a mast? Will it need compression tubes where an anchor roller might be through bolted? And of course, how much will it cost? Granted that taking weight out of the bow is a good idea, but at what cost??