Chainplate Cracks

How many people have found cracks in their chainplates? So far I’ve found 3 with cracks, and I’m thinking I’d be well served to pull them all and examine them thoroughly… both sides, bolts and holes.

I see some folks have gone to Bronze - why?

Here’s the latest find…the bobstay!

No cracks in our chainplates,lucky. There is a red dye penetrant crack detection system called Magnaflux Spotcheck. It is a non distructive way to check for cracks in metal.The metal surfaces must be clean for best results.I think that if you have cracks that you can see you should do an inspection of the underside. You never can be too safe especially with parts that hold up the mast.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Right… You mentioned that before – I’ll check it out for sure… tnx again Bob!

Hi Ben,
I had a freind who had a Dreadnaught, it had stainless chainplates, he checked them, they looked fine even after taking them off the boat but you could literaly fold them in two with your hands from crevis corrosion. If you see cracks I’d be concerned. Good luck with them. I haven’t checked mine yet, guess I should get to it.

So anyone pull their bobstay chainplate besides Douglas? Looks like fun…