We recently installed the Standard Horizon CP175C color chartplotter and love it. It quick and accurate, easy to operate, more so than other common brands on the market.
Only has one glitch in the system, when last used, we left it on night vision mode. Night vision mode makes the screen appear blank (black) in daylight, simulates a power failure. On our next trip out (daylight) we turned it on and nothing.... Famour words were uttered, "Damn, thats another damn thing I got to fix." After my brain came back online, I remembered it was in Night Vision, quick thumb through the Quick Reference Guide and we were back into business. Senile demensia can be an asset depending on the situation #:)
Unlike other products on the market that have a night vision mode that lights up the entire cabin and half the marina, the CP175C gives true night vision mode, easy on the eyes and sleeping crew, amazingly we mounted it above the navigation table along with the radar, VHF etc and have no problem reading the large screen from the cockpit while at the helm.
Everyone takes a differing approach to use of navigation gear, some like everything in the cockpit, swing out mounts, what ever makes a person feel comfortable is fine with us. We on the other hand, have had some less desirable experiences with saltwater and electronics, we find it easier for the navigator to have all the electronics down blow away from the wind and weather, chart and tools in hand, for positioning and course plotting. We find than limiting the cockpit to compass and depth/knot log helps us focus of sailing.
For the gear nut at heart, although the monitor is somewhat larger than the CP175c, the CP1000C has options for external remote cameras and will accept imput for playing DVD and your favorite movies....
Best wishes,
Marty Chin, BCC Shamrock.

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