Chesapeake BCC?


We sailed across from Deale, MD to Oxford, MD (and back) on Saturday (24 Aug) and Sunday (25 Aug) and both days we crossed paths with, what looks like another BCC that was heading in the opposite direction.

Just wanted to put a call out to see who else might be in the mid-Chesapeake.

S/V Cymba
BCC #77

There are several BCC’s on the bay…one out of Topping Regent Point Marina
and another out of Deltaville. I looked at a BCC Cymba for sales years ago on Block Island RI. Original owner was a doctor that lived on the island.

I owned two different BCCs …Lightfoot and Itchen …they may still have same names. Lightfoot is in gallery…raced her on the Rappahannock in Turkey Shoot Race.


Thanks Mark!

Perhaps we can get together a few for a Chesapeake rendezvous. I’ve seen pictures of one from the BCC ‘glory days.’

The Cybma you looked at is the same one we own. We tried for a few months to think of a new name that fit her, but just couldn’t which is when we realized that she has a name and it’s not ours to change!

I believe the original owners have passed away now. She traded hands a few times with relatively short term ownership and we just bought her last fall.


Elizabeth is out of St. Mary’s City, and and between semi-annual voyages south to warmer climes also gets up and down the Bay.
Not Elizabeth in the pics - got the yellow mast w/ tanbark sails.
Would support a rendezvous though!
BTW, the attached pic of Elizabeth in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has been used in Baltimore Orioles baseball game broadcasts (if anyone is still watching!)

We are out of Regent Point with our “Caroline”. Fairly new to the BCC (hull#98).
Would be interested to explore a possible rendezvous in the Chesapeake, at some point! More likely in 2020!

Mark, thanks for the little “nudge” to respond, as we have met there at Regent point. Most kind!


Hope you can all get together. Though I now sail a Frances 26 I would be interested if this is nailed down

Best to all at BCC forum
SV Seabird

Would totally be game for a Chesapeake rendezvous in 2020 - Calypso is deep in refit territory in Deltaville (we keep her in the water at Fishing Bay Yacht Club) but as the house goes on the market in March with the intention of being out by June . . . We’re moving aboard and heading off cruising.

How about a goal of Annapolis for the Boat Show next October?

Great idea! We’re all in for a fall rendezvous next year.

I wonder if boat show time will be a bit too crowded? Perhaps a week or two before or after?


BCC #77

Hello Mike on S/V Cymba. I believe your photo is of my BCC28, Bella, Hull #95. I purchased Bella in 2017 and have her slipped in Oxford at the Hinckley Yacht Services yard at the foot of Town Creek.

I would enjoy participating in a rendezvous if you all arrive at a place and date!

I have completed quite a few projects restoring and improving Bella since purchase, including spar and hull paint, engine work, rudder replacement, refrigeration, new canvas, and water tank removal, clean-out port installation.

Looking forward to Governor Hogan lifting the recreational boating ban whenever the virus data indicates that’s possible!