Cockpit Table

We just returned from a week in the California Delta with our NEW
cockpit table that I struggled to design and build over the previous
week. It has worked out GREAT! A picture or set of pictures are
probably worth more than any description, so here they come.

It looks great. Do you mind if I copy it?


Glad to be of help if you have any questions. I got the poly for the table at Tap Plastics. I really like the color as opposed to the plain white.

Photos are great… Almost like having a blueprint.
Thanks again…


We are thinking about getting a stern rail installed behind the cockpit. Originally the plan was to have 4 stanchions to hold the rail. Actually 2 with Schaeffer base and 2 without. Now the designer says two will be enough.
We are talking about %50 reduction in base support. Will it be strong enough?
As always appreciate your input,



Here is another option for a cockpit table. It rests on the tiller and I used the SS legs as seen in the photo for stabilization.

cockpit table.jpg