Coelan Coatings

Has anyone used Coelan clear finish on the exterior wood on their BCC??

Coelan clear finish has weather very well in test done by Classic Boat Magazine, UK. In this test, the product last 3.5 years without recoating . Unfortunately the product if very expensive.

I am also thinking about using Bristol clearn coat on IDUNA’s wood. Any information on this product is appreciated.



 Used Bristol Clear on my teak blocks a couple of years ago.  I did reasonably good prep of the teak.  It was much easier than varnish but....has been lifting off in a major and ugly way after a year or so.  I think that is typical of 2-part epoxy? finishes. 

                          Tom BCC118

Bob and Lois:

I remembered you posted information about Cetol Natural Teak finish and found the thread by searching the forum. I believe this product is similar to Coelan Clear Finish - a one-part reactive polyurethane product. Do you have any images of teak coated with the Cetol Natural Teak product? If you do, would you mind posting them on this thread?

I have been reseaching Coelan clear finish. Apparently, the product is very good by rather expensive. I have a quote for enough product, primer and thinner to apply 6 coats to 40 square feet of surface. The cost including shipping is $505.00. Certainly, the weak UDS compared to the Eruo affects this price. Regardles the product is expensive at about $13/sq ft of surface.

I am now researching other products such as Cetol Natural Teak and Bristol Finish.

Fair Winds,


I have no pictures as of this writing. We have watched this boat all winter (northern Chesapeake) and the Cetol Natural Teak has held up extremely well with three coats. The boat was not covered and looks great. I plan to take some pictures this weekend and can post, with the owners permission, then. The Coelan Coatings product sounds like the ticket but the price sounds steep.I have not used Bristol Clear but always question the two part thing when it has to do with wood and being outside. Good luck in finding the perfect coating. I’ll be in touch.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

I have used Bristol Finish on my boat and found it fussy to apply, due to the mixing (when I used it, it was a three-part system; I believe it is now a two-part system). In my opinion, it has not held up the way the manufacturer claims. Other wood components on my boat have been varnished and they have held up much better than Bristol Finish.

I am now using Cetol. It is much easier to apply and, although it has been on for less than one year, it appears to be holding up well.

Thanks for the enformation about your experience with Bristol Finish. Which Cetol product are you using??


I will need to check for sure (my memory escapes me right now), but I believe it is Cetol Marine followed by Cetol Gloss. They do not have the offensive orange hue that the earlier Cetol products had and as a result look very much like varnish.

Getting back to Coelan - anyone ever use it? Nat Benjamin used it on his new schooner and thinks its the cats meow…

Ahoy Varnishers, I too would like to hear from those who have experience with Coelan coatings.

When in Oz, 2001, I used the Awlgrip product “Awl Brite” clear, two part, on Calliste’s Sitka Spruce bowsprit, and used Awlgrip cream color paint, on it too.
The painted parts lasted much longer than the Awl Brite, but the Awl Brite lasted two times longer that any regular varnish, I have ever used.

I am now experimenting with International Perfection Varnish,2 part, and what I have applied to the deck box lids, is giving very good service, especially now, because I have Sunbrella covers over them.

The International is easily obtainable here in S’pore, and retails for about USD $ 45.00 per 500 ml can, still not cheap !