Cutlass Bearing

I own a Falmouth Cutter and am in the process of replacing the engine.  The old engine was removed and the shaft glassed over.
I have ground out the area to the correct size and to measurements provided by the factory.  I am fitting a cutlass bearing into the stern tube (Bonita).  My question is how do production boats keep the cutlass from spinning in the stern tube on the BCC?
I have seen a few boats with Bronze flanges bolted around the stern tube with set screws on each side of the flange that hold the cutlass bearing.  I can't find one of these flanges.  I am not even sure what to call them...I have heard of them called a cutlass flange.
Does anyone have experience with these and have an idea of the best way to set the cutlass bearing.  The yard I am in is considering drilling holes on each side of the stern tube to set the cutlass.  I don't like that idea.
Has anyone done this before or know what I should do.
Terry Hill
FC#19 Angelsea
The name of the flange that attaches to the stern around the cutlass to keep it from spinning in the tube is called a "stern bearing housing."  I found a site that carries these in bronze:
I had posted this question to the group yesterday and thought that you all might enjoy the answer to the question found by calling a dozen yards.

i think spartan marine in robinhood maine makes them as well
john churchill