date of manufacture

And while I’m befuddled, someone straighten me out why some boats
listed on the owners register have hull numbers that are out of
sequence with the dates listed as ‘year’. I thought the date built
was considered to be when the keel was layed; in this case, when the
fiberglas hull was layed up. The only wayt I can figure the confusion
is that some boats are listed as dating form when the boat was
launched after being ‘owner’ finished.
Stan R. s/v Waxwing hull #22

it is a little funny. the “official” date of manufacture is stamped
on the transom as the last 4 digits being month and year. in my case
hull id # is SFJBC0650283. SFJ is manufacturer’s id (sam morse), BC
is model (BCC) 065 is hull # and date of manufacture is feb 83.
however…1)i do not know if canadian boats have a hull id on the
transom. 2)boats are not necessarily completed in order e.g. Maggie
#100 was finished prior to Metaphora #99. 3)Owners who finished
their boats have a vested interest in “post-dating” their boats to
minimize depreciation upon resale e.g. my boat was presented as being
commisioned in '85. 4)the plot thickens when the boat was USCG
documented, as the original owner had registered her in Conneticut as
a homebuilt boat built in '85 (presumably for tax avoidance), so my
documentation papers say the date is undetermined. this is something
that i am going to try to get changed as a planned trip to Europe will
be easier in terms of VAT if the boat is clearly an '83. i can
imagine trying to explain all this to some official without a common
john churchill
Bucephalus #65, '83 or '85 or something