As the launch of Hull 126 “Stravaigin” gets closer, I am advised that I need a couple of Decals

1 A “Marpole” decal which should be affixed close to the trash container and advise re ocean dumping of waste

2 The other is a decal concerning the discharge of oil or oily waste.

I have located a supplier for #1 and I can buy 25 fo 17 bucks use one and throw the rest away… can’t locate a supplier for #2.

I am open to suggestions and advice as to where I might buy one of each and save firstly the planet and secondly my pocket book.

Have not checked recently, but both Hamilton Marine (excellent outfit)
and West Marine have had them in the past at ‘reasonable’ cost,

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These are the lowest cost I could find.

Doug Beu
s/v Fritha

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