Diff in BCC and FC?

I’ve been admiring BCC and the FC for awhile now. I’m wondering, other than size, are there any differences in design? I have seen larger Falmouth cutters (pics)that look pretty much like the BCC. I’m in the middle of a refit of a Pacific Seacraft 25 that I plan to liveaboard and cruise until I find a BCC for sale or get tired of the PSC. When that happens I may try to build a boat modeled after the Pardeys Serafyn. I would love to find a BCC without an engine and maybe neeeding a little work. The education from refitting my current boat would put me in a good place to do all the work myself. Thanks for the forum, there’s a ton of useful information here. I’m a licensed captain, If anyone needs a hand moving their boat I’d love to get some sailing time on one as crew no charge.

Thanks Brandon Snider

where do you homeport? If your on the West (Left) Coast near San Francisco give me a shout.
Nate B

Charleston, SC
There was a BCC here a few weeks ago for awhile. Can’t remember the name but had a in mast furler. First time I’ve seen one up close. I wandered down to the dock a few times hoping to get a peak but it never worked out. Thanks Nate