Dodger attachment point

Im looking at this picture:,file=182 - and see the after most attachment point for the dodger is on the top of the narrow cockpit coaming. Is that normal? Does it seem like that is a little light duty back there? Potentially large amounts of water could hit that side flap of the dodger and tear that small 2 screw fitting out easily. Any thoughts or alternative mounting methods used?

The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The strength of this point of attachment relies on the size of the screws that hold it on. On our BCC the width of the coaming is about an inch and a quarter in thickness. Screw holding ability on this is very good as it is side grain laminated material and not end or face grain. The length of properly installed screws will hold this quite well under the most harsh conditions. I suppose one could change the location of the fitting so it mounts on the inside or outside of the coaming and through bolt it in place. The end fitting could also terminate on deck but I am not one who likes to drill holes into the deck.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Bob & Lois,

thanks - so this is pretty standard mounting I guess. Glad to hear its been working out just fine.

Is it spring yet?