double anchor roller

I was attempting to fit the SLM double bow roller and found the fit wasn’t perfect. The piece sits a 1/4" from the top of the sprit, becuz the inside corner radius is too large. I noticed this pic in the gallery:

On Little Wing, the bowsprit must have more rounded corners than I do becuz the roller fits nicely. For those who have this double roller, did you have to modify the sprit much to get it to fit? Round out the top corners? Add in a spacer on top of the sprit?

My roller also has 2 side screw holes, but I believe to position this roller correctly, it is placed on the sprit forward of where the sprit changes from 4 sided to 8 sided, making those side screws enter in a less than ideal way, ie into angled wood 1/2" away.

Any info on the best practice for fitting this piece would be appreciated.

PS, I launch tomorrow (June 1)

Will “T” , be attending ? Will she be honored to crack the bottle of Champange, will she announce the words ?

Read and complete the pre-flight list , we are all waiting for the photos !


I’m rather unceremonious & non-superstitious about the whole thing…too much left to do still to feel “official” – but there will be pics :wink:

Now, when I get the mast stepped and go sailing, that will be a big day.


Just christen the boat and toast Neptune for tradition sake. We have “watched” you put this boat together, offered suggestions, felt your heart sink when you discovered a problem, etc. etc. We have also watched “T” and you star in your video productions on U-tube.

Forget about “unceremonious & non-superstition” stuff, just do it for us. Do it for the guys at the yard but do it.

We launch IDUNA this afternoon. She still has work but sometimes it’s just time to place her in her element. We need to splash a little paint and varnish here and there as well as install her newly rebuilt wooden blocks.

OH, most large schooners are christened and launch without sticks when they are built.

We want photos!!!

YEAH! Go for it Bennie, splurge on the shampers and drink some of it too. One last thing check the bung holes. Bring on the photos…

YEAH! Go for it Bennie, splurge on the shampers and drink some of it too. One last thing check the bung holes. Bring on the photos…


Dares’ll be hells da pay if yer don’t falow dem draditons. She’s a mean liedy if kept illappeeeezed…

Hope the launch goes well!

Aaron N.

Well thanks everyone… she got wet, there was no ceremony, no champagne or rum and as a result she didn’t pump water at first! I had to fill the strainer and give her a drink… of tap water. I think she would have preferred a shot of rum, but the tap water appeased her, and… well, I think she’s on a health kick anyways. Otherwise all is well… and I must say the raised waterline and black bottom paint is pretty sexxy.

Funnily enough, my camera battery died… no pics yet.

Now Ben when you say the camera died, we are immediately suspicious, come clean you chickened out. We want proof you got her wet.

I second the demand for proof E went in the water and floated.


P.S. IDUNA floated today and is in her slip.

Bunch of Non-Believers!

Well this is as far as I got before the battery died…


Ben she looks some sweet, but I don’t see any wet fibre glass, I’m still suspicious its a fabrication.

I look at the picture. Yes she is a BCC and she looks sweet but is it Ben’s BCC???

Nice boat Ben, you will enjoy her and congratulations of a job well done.

Fair Winds,


You’ve got Elizabeth looking fantastic! Congratulations, and good sailing.

Roger faxed the plans for his bowsprit anchor rollers to us in Oz and we had it made in Gladstone, QLD. I mounted it’s aft edge 17.75" from the foreward edge of the gammon iron. It has worked very well and is a big improvement over the rollers on the gammon iron. No more dinged gell coat on the stem, and I’ve left the 35 lb CQR on the roller during passages without any problem.

Removing 2 of the sides of the 8 sided sprit was easy with a bit of wood, epoxy, and paint. Your bright finish and the side pieces make your mounting a bit more of a challenge.

Thanks Dan,

So you built up a base for the roller… that’s what I was afraid of. I think this year I’m going to stick with my single side roller that came on the boat, and go sailing. My hope was to get a second anchor out there. My second anchor will have to stow on the bobstay or something like that for now.

BTW, here she is on the mooring. Waterline looks good, but that’s without rig…

We stowed the CQR on the bobstay for many moons and I seem to remember the setup we used was a L & L idea. It involves a block attached to the underside of the cranse iron. A haulup line about 10’ long runs through the block and has an S hook on its end and the other end leads back to the bits. The CQR has a line ~4’ long, permanently attached to its crown, with a small loop about 2’ from the anchor’s crown.

The goal is to haul the anchor up the bobstay so that it doesn’t drag in the water. When raising anchor, the crown line is picked up with a boat hook, and the hook placed in the small loop. The haulup line is pulls the anchor forward up the bobstay, and is tied up on a bit.

We used this setup all through the Pacific and even when the seas are fairly big, the CQR is held firmly and water flows past the flukes smoothly. We usually lashed the anchor on deck (to the bits and the SL windlass) for passages, but not always.

You hanker! A sprite pulpit, what a whimo! :sunglasses: