double berth

I am planning an exstended cruise south next year with my wife and two kids(nine & five)and I would like to make my pilot berth in to a pull out double. I would be very interested in looking under your cushions. If anyone has access to plans or pictures that would be awsome.

Thanks, Brooks
BCC Sirena hull#51

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Hi Brooks, my BCC came with a Morse standard slide/pullout dbl on the port side pilot berth.

I tried that as a double and single as well, but was not happy with either.

As a single, I couldn’t sit up and read in bed.

As a double my head was too near the sink which got water splashed all too often, and it was hard for me to climb over the table to enter or hard on my mate to climb over me to get out, because the overhead was too low, and that also got in the way of other activities, as well.

When in NZ I saw another portside bunk modification, on BCC Puffin . He had removed and reduced the storage compartment size under the upper pilot berth, so then his portside bunk was about 36" wide. I am using his modification now and Ben may still have the photos.

Currently, I am inprocess of fabricating a mast-attached plus size two person dinette table, that I also hope to use in a “lowered” position to open up for a larger size thwartship double to use in port.

I did make a mock-up thwartship dbl bunk , like I saw on S/V Sundowner in NZ, bridging port and stb bunks, and turning the cushons thwartship , but my mate and I dubbed it a “Trap Bed” , as once we lay down, it was soooo comfortable , we never wanted to get up out of it to attend shipboard duties and chores, ouch !

Please keep us informed , even if you leave your kids at their grandparents house, we all love to see everyone’s modification’s ideas .

L O L , as they say, over here !