double bunk

Hey guys,

are there any pics of the double bunk in the salon set up? I cant get
a grip on how that works? Is it comfortable and does it function well
as a double, ie is it possible for a couple to get a good nights
sleep? Do you tend to use it when in port?


Ben Eriksen

Web Design

Agreed Ben! We have been looking at several options to set up a double birth on Cosmic Dancer. Are plans are to make a double in the forpeak which right now is a blank canvas and leave the salon the way it is. She’ll be pulled on the 4th of January to be gone over tops and tails. I would like to get some ideas before cutting into her,


Bryon & Maria
BCCC Cosmis Dancer

Ben: Hi!

Roger Olson built his Nereus (BCC28-111) with not one but two double berths. I followed his lead with Zygote (BCC28-116) (and no doubt others did too!).

The two double berths cannot be used simultaneously (well, if you added a few extra cushions you could).

One double berth is a pull-out berth, extending the port side sea berth by sliding the lee boards inboard and using the seat cushions from the port side settee as additional mattress. That sleeps 3 in the main cabin: a couple on the pull-out double berth and a singleton on the starboard sea berth. All three sleep longitudinally (ie fore-aft)

The second double berth sleeps the couple athwartships. The double berth is formed by using the back cushions of the port side settee and the starboard seaberth to span across the cabin. And that still allows a singleton to sleep on the port side sea berth.

On Zygote, we use the infill double berth in most anchorages and most marina berths. The advantages of sleeping athwartship cannot be overrated: sleep is not disturbed by roll caused by wave, wake, or wind against tide.

Photos of the infill double berth, from Roger’s Nereus, were on the ‘old’ Sam L Morse Co website. And a layout plan too. I’m not certain if the photo and the plan are on the current SLM Co website. I’ll see if I can attach them - note that the layout plan shows both double berths.