Epoxy Vinyl Ester

I am still needing help selecting a barrier coating for hull 72 Bcc

I have found out from Dow Chemical that Derakane Monentum is their
new Epoxy Vinyl Ester.

Geary Smith of Bcc Caylin after extensive reasearch applied Dura Tech
Vinyl Ester, and after this I was leaning toward using the same
treatment especially since Blister Repairs Part II report at
www.yachtsurvey.com supported Geary’s decision, but Dura Tech is not
available here in Australia.

Word at the local boatyards here recomend epoxy instead of
vinylester, because epoxy has greater adhesion, longer shelf life,
but they are also quick to say that with epoxy the blisters will
return in time, a condition none of us want.

I have asked Dow for more supporting info on their new epoxy vinyl
Geary, if you are still out there, would you consider this new Dow
product at this time, or would you stay with Dura Tech again ?

What really surprises me about this Epoxy Vinyl Ester is that it uses
standard MEKP catalist just like regular polyester resins, and
Ashland Chemical, who markets their own Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin
called Hetron 942, says that this standard catalist is less foaming,
so there are less air bubbles entrapped in the barrier coat, thus has
less blister potential. (All sales pitch maybe ?)

In need of help, Douglas