Exterior wood selection

Hello All,

I’m back on the war path to get Calypso’s decks finished this summer. 2 coats of gloss paint are on - one more to go. And then I have the non-skid to do, which is a cakewalk compared to the gloss.

I have a few pieces of exterior trim to replace and I’m interested in exploring all options in wood selection. There were days where I would have considered it sacrilege to use anything but teak or mahogany to finish a proper yacht, but those days are past me now. I’m now driven by simple utility. Are there other species that provide good resistance to rot, suitable hardness/ding resistance, reasonable aesthetics, and better economy?

I need to make new handrails for the cabin top; and I’d like to add the brow trim to the cabin (Calypso never had this trim). These new pieces will be varnished and need to fit in with the existing trim. I’ll stain if necessary. Calypso’s hatches are teak and the cockpit coamings mahogany; the boom gallows and rudder cheeks are ash. the mast/boom/sprit/boomkin are spruce (I think).