fatty knees on deck, rigging

My BCC (SLM #86) came to me with a fatty knees on custom chocks on
top of the cabin. Here is my experience:

  1. Fatty Knees is an incredible dinghy. It rows really well. It
    feels like it was designed by Lyle Hess, which I understand is the
    case! I love that little boat.
  2. I am not bothered by the blocking of my view; I can see just fine
    over or around it. It offers some protection if you don’t have a
  3. I launch it single handed since I sail alone. I move the boom out
    of the way and use the main halyard, lift and heave it over the
    lifelines. It’s a little clumsy but not too bad. This season I will
    do something a little fancy with the boom maybe to try to lower the
    dinghy in a more level way and avoid getting water inside it.
  4. A minus is that it blocks the light coming from the butterfly
    hatch, but a plus is that the fwd doghouse hatch, which is vastly
    more important, is free to use.

I also re-did the running rigging (before all those messages where
posted), and I would like to share that I am very pleased with New
England Ropes “regatta braid” for all sheets, etc and Sta-set-X for
halyards. The regatta braid looks nice and feels nice. THe sta-set X
is very low stretch and plus it feels good, not too slippery.