Fiberglass going on

Once we peeled the hull, the moisture level dropped like a rock and stabilized. The guys at Svendsen’s Marine in Alameda,CA. are incredible, I gave the go ahead to glass on Tuesday and by Wednesday night they had 3 layers of glass on the hull between the travel lift straps, 2 cloth and 1 vail mat. They are sanding and faring today. Gave the order to fiberglass up the hole for the knotlog sender, redundant since we have GPS, one less way to flood the bilge and mast sump with saltwater. The new Spartan Seacocks came in today on-time, PYI/ R&D flex coupling came in last week, shaft and propeller should be done in a week. It looks like it will be a slam dunk and back in the water by the end of the month.

Can almost see the palm trees and the white sandy beaches.

Marty Chin